Sunday, March 29, 2009

Handy Kind of Guy!

We went out yesterday to give this geocaching thing another whirl. Brenda was our secret weapon as she found everything . The picture below shows her digging a cache out of a hollow tree in the middle of the Fulton Cemetery. Those of you who know her know she loves to visit all the local cemetery's so it won't surprise you to find out that the two caches we found were both in cemetery's. It is a lot of fun and combines a litte technology with a good old fashioned scavenger hunt.

The other thing of interest around our campsite was Dennis working on a bowl. He has a small lathe and can take an old piece of firewood and turn it into sawdust and a beautiful work of art. I managed to capture the process but the patience he exhibit was beyond capturing. Below he is cutting the chunk of wood to start off. It turned out so well I won't even comment on ALL the safety gear he is using.

Still looks like just a piece of firewood in the photo below.

Now the bark is starting to be trimmed off.

And here it is starting to take shape. It's all in the way you hold your mouth I guess.

And here is the finished project and Brenda will proudly display it on one of the shelves in our home on wheels. Imagine yesterday this was firewood today it is a work of art. Great job Dennis and thanks.


  1. John, Please ask Dennis where I can get one of these small lathes and the price of one. Or better still: you have my email address, or did; have him email me. I think this is something I could do. I love wood! I love art too and this piece he made for Brenda is art in my book.

  2. Awesome job Dennis, lucky you, Brenda

  3. Wow, I'm impressed! and I'm kinda fond of old cemeteries too!