Friday, April 15, 2011

Home, hmmmm whose idea was this anyway?


Life in Canada, Bring it ON!-2

Homeward Bound


Now why a person who, at least to the general populace, seems to be in his right mind would leave the place above to head in the north through nice spring weather like the photo below is unknown.


But that is what we have done. We pulled up stakes at Dogpound South on Tuesday morning and headed towards home. Tuesday night we stopped in Las Vegas and had a little chin wag with our friends and fellow RV`ers, Mac and Netters, and Jesse and Ginger. Like always with these good folks we travelled and they cooked. We enjoyed a great bunch of appetizers for supper and at out visiting till after sundown.

Wednesday we got going bright and early and headed out of Nevada crossing a corner of Arizona, Utah and ending up at the Shoshone-Bannock tribes Buffalo Meadows RV Park at Fort Hall, Idaho for the night. That made our biggest ever travel day and we covered just 7 miles short of 600 miles. Those who know Brenda know that anything over about 250 is a loooooonnnng drive for her so she was a trooper today. A little excitement along the way when one of our window awnings decided to do a little blowing in the wind. Brenda had an exciting time holding it while I clambered around on the roof and unfastened the top so we could dismount it. Had to drill out a couple of rivets but for some reason the few tools I carry along were capable of the job, gotta love it when you bring the right stuff and it all works as planned. Folks who know me know that I am not the `handy kind of guy`but you do what you have to do when those kind of guys are not in the area.

The shot above was taken somewhere around Pocatello and had a little worried about what lay in store for us Thursday as we crossed over the Monida Pass between Montana and Idaho. Well a lot of looking on the internet and listening to the weather guys didn`t do much to soothe those concerns. But luckily Mother Nature fooled them all and didn`t dump the predicted 7 to 12 inches of snow in our way so although we skipped I-15 past Butte and headed through the low country around Whitehall to Helena the drive today was pretty much uneventful unless you count the few wind gusts that kept me alert most of the day.

We crossed the border this evening and then stopped for the night at the same campground at Milk River we started this journey off in on November 3rd last year.

Tomorrow morning Bell Mobility willing I will publish this blog when my Canadian aircard comes alive and then we will be off to Chestermere to meet our daughter Becky, who by the way is 5 months pregnant with our second grandson, to pick up Brenda`s Jeep and then on to Dogpound North. Hopefully the yard is dry enough for us to get in or we may just have to head south again.

And for our American friends, thanks once again for your hospitality this winter and thanks for sharing your beautiful country and especially those sunbelt states with us while Canada languishes through the cool winter months. Given that Al Gore and Global Warming appear to be not be having much impact in Canada as yet we will be back!