Friday, February 7, 2020

Update Hummers, Vets, Moving on!

I know I am not very regular with this blog, but I find we are not doing all the exciting things we did when we first started traveling. Most days we do regular stuff, like eat, drink and chill, interspersed by a few photo ops for me. I have probably driven all my Facebook fans nuts with hummingbird pictures but when you are laid back in your recliner and they come and set on the end of your camera lens, what are you supposed to do.

Along about the 23rd of January we headed into Quartzsite and checked out Bloggerfest. Shadow Moss had set it up and about 10-12 folks showed up so we met a few folks and put faces to names and blogs.

Other than that burst of excitement we have just been enjoying the weather and chilling at one of our  favourite spots out near Bouse, Arizona. We run into Parker from time to time to pick up groceries or do some laundry but other than that we haven't been going far.

That said, our two four legged buddies Max and Maya have been having some problems so we have had to take them up to see the vet. Max was diagnosed with a mass last summer so he is on some pain meds to control his discomfort, and Dr. Wendy at Paws and Claws in Lake Havasu City has put him on some prednisone to deal with his difficulty breathing. seems to be working. Maya must have been  a little jealous at all the attention Max was getting so her stomach was bothering her and so she got an appointment to have that little problem looked at and some medicine to fix her up.


The folks at Paws and Claws take a picture of their patients for their records but both Max and Maya are kind of fussy about their social media presence and found the pics they took unflattering so asked me to send these up to them for their files

Max is on a Schedule III controlled substance so his prescription for that which Dr. Wendy increased was interesting to fill. Unlike home where the vet actually fills it here you take it to a regular pharmacy and they fill it. So Brenda is now Max's Guardian and she controls his medicine, well she controls all of their medicines in any case. They almost take more than me now.

Friday, the 7th, we packed our tent and moved camp, down to Ogilby Road, west of Yuma, on the California side. We have a few packages coming into the Amazon Locker here in Yuma next week and we are hoping to visit some friends from Dease Lake and Vancouver Island while we are here, and who knows if we hang long enough, maybe Phyllis, who folks who have followed us for the long haul will know had a place in Yuma where we stayed a long while ago. I will have to kick our aerial surveillance division into gear as rumour has it there may be a couple of other folks we know in the area as well, but maybe they have moved on.

Sunrise January 30, 2020