Tuesday, February 24, 2015

An Anderson Event

One of the toughest things about being retired is that you never really get a vacation. I know, I know, not what my working friends wanted to hear and don't worry I can hear all your scoffing all the way over here at Dogpound South.

The pool at our resort "Riu Ochos Rio"
But this last week we had occasion to get away from it all and celebrate the wedding of our youngest daughter Lacey to her partner Clayton. They have been an item for going on 7 years now so it was probably about time they tied the knot. The two of them chose the Island of Jamaica as a place to make it official so we along with about 30 odd other friends and family converged from our various winter homes to join them in the celebration.

The "Anderson Girls" lead things off.

Brenda and Lacey

They chose to have the ceremony down on the beach with the beautiful Caribbean Sea as a backdrop.

So it begins
It was a beautiful spot and a beautiful ceremony and the girls were beautiful also with their beautiful hairdo's and clothes and then the sky opened up and the Lord let his blessings wash away all that fancy pre-wedding work and just left the girls natural beauty to shine through.

No this is not a "Hare Krishna" wedding but the resort folks were quick with the towels as the rain came down.
 Once the formal part of the ceremony was over we headed for cover and I managed to get some shots of the wedding party. There was an official photographer here also so luckily my meagre bunch of photos are not representative.

Lacey and her longtime friend Roxanne

The "Anderson Girls" celebrating all having the same last name while Dad looks on.

Clayton and Lacey

The whole dang troop

The Rings