Sunday, March 11, 2018

Time Flies

While other than our misguided adventure to see the IRS it has been a while since I updated our travels. Last time I wrote we were in Gila Bend on our way to Foothills over near Yuma.

We ran over there and did a little moochdocking with our friends Angela and Don Ritter. Their landlord allowed us to avail ourselves of the extra spot in his yard so we had a good 3-night visit, including a day trip down to Algodones for lunch one day.

We had our rig washed and waxed while we were in Foothills so when we pulled out we were gleaming in the sunshine. We intended to head over to Ogilby Road just west of Yuma for a couple of weeks but it seems that the BLM folks were telling those already there that they had to move out in a day or so, so we headed north to our favourite spot NE of Quartzsite. We spent pretty near the entire month of February there and were joined for a time by Skip and Jean and the legendary Wandering Willy, and even had a short visit from Ivan and Hailey. Kim and Wendy Johnson also stopped by as they were wandering their way south and west towards California.

A month is a long time to spend even in that perfect spot so we reluctantly hooked up and headed north looking for another spot to while away the winter. We popped into Telephone Cove up near Laughlin but that road didn't look all that conducive to a rig our size meandering down it, so after a short visit with Ivan while he changed a tire alongside of it we headed back up and hooked up and headed north.

That night we ended up in the Sam's Town KOA and experience we won't soon repeat. It was pretty close quarters kind of like sleeping in a sardine can with neighbours so close you could swear you were hearing their stomachs growling and other less pleasant bodily functions.

One night was it and we headed north out of Vegas looking for wide open spaces. About a week ago we arrived here at Snowbird Mesa/Poverty Flats just out of Overton, Nevada. Overton/Logandale are nice little towns and have most services you could need except for a laundromat.

The view just a short half mile from our campsite here at Poverty Flats

A desert oasis and spring along the side of Lake Mead

Also in Lake Mead NRA, they tell me those were Sand Dunes at one time

The Logandale Trails wind their way through these Red Rocks

We did run back into North Las Vegas last Sunday and had a great visit with our long-time RV'ing friends Randy and Sue Beck, folks from North Pole, Alaska who we first met in Nashville, Tn when we began this adventure way back in the fall of 2007. We have kept in touch and crossed paths a few time since then but always love to see this couple on our travels.

That missing element I mentioned, the laundromat, is driving us to head for a little-used laundry room that we know about so later today we will be loading Blue II and prepping to make a run for the Medicine Line. Hope I have some clean socks waiting at Dogpound North.

Matt has been working the last two weekends trying to get the snow cleared off our road so we are hoping with his hard work and a little chinook weather the road to Dogpound North will be passable in a few days when we make the turn off of Range Road 41. We are big and that road is small and our old John Deere has been giving Matt a little trouble so wish us luck.