Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Rain!!! - in the Desert

A look at the clouds behind our rig.

Desert skyscape


Desert landscape - it is a great place to just walk for miles.

We had to run into Blythe, California this morning as we needed a few groceries and had some shirts at the cleaners there. We picked all that up and posted a bit on the blog and then thought what the heck we are in town so we might as well go whole hog and have lunch at Sizzler while we were there. It was pouring rain in Blythe and is still pouring now that we are back in the desert near Quartzsite. You’d think this country would just suck up the rain like a sponge but it hardly soaks in at all. All the gullies and washes around our site are running like creeks and the water is just washing the quartzsite off so it looks like some of the hills have snow on them. A pretty scary thought for us snowbirds but it is just an optical illusion caused by all the white rock.

Looks like this will be a stay inside and out of the rain day, but things can change fast here. It rained off and on most of the afternoon and then this evening (Wednesday) the skies opened up. Thought we were back home for the monsoon season. It rained most of the night and quite hard too. There appeared to be around 2 inches when it was all said and done. Now that has to be almost a years supply for Quartzsite.

Thursday, Thanksgiving for our American friends, dawned sunny with a few clouds drifting around. We decided with Bill, Marg, Dennis, Diane, Michael and Shirley that we should all get some Chesters Fried Chicken from the Love’s Truck Stop and have a kind of Thanksgiving dinner of our own. Michael brought some pasta and we sat around the campfire and ate our fried chicken. After dinner Michael and Dennis brought out the banjo and guitar and kept us entertained far into the night.

Friday was a beautiful day here and I took a couple of walks in the desert. Brenda joined me on the afternoon trek. It is really a beautiful day here and the solar panels are making up for lost time. Dennis and Diane headed off for Yuma today. We ran into town today and picked up some books at the used bookstore and a few groceries to help us fend off starvation. Also managed to check our phone messages and I guess the good news is there is no news so all must be well on the homefront.

Today, Saturday morning, we have run into Quartzsite to get our laundry all caught up and post this blog as well as returning some calls. We are able to post a few more pictures from here.
Well, it's now Sunday and it appears that the blog never made it to the internet. I'll try one more time and see what happens. It's another beautiful day in Quartzsite. Mid 70's and a soft breeze.