Monday, March 23, 2009

What's Up?

Good question, but since we got back from the King Ranch we haven't done too much. We had a flurry of activity yesterday when we took the laundry out to find a laundromat, and headed to Walmart to pick up some more provisions. We found a laundromat but it was not really up to Brendas standard but it was a lot better than the one here in the park I guess. The criteria are a little bit of a mystery to me but it isn't my area of expertise so I just drive. We have been getting our walking done early in the morning before it gets to warm and I sure hope it is doing it's job from a cardio standpoint because we seem to be gaining some muscle with all this walking, or at least that is what the scale tells me. I will have to make sure I shave before I weigh next time, must be heavy whiskers or something. Couldn't be all the good food we are eating!!!!

Today was another day just like yesterday except for the fact that today our walk included the leg down to the water in the morning. We were a little later getting started and that stretch across the flats down to the sea has no shade so it was a little warm.

Tonight we got together with Dennis and Denice and headed over to Crab N restaurant. I had the Crawfish Etouffe and it along with the side dishes were great. I think Dennis and Denice had the Old Catfish (a benefit of their longer tenure on the planet) and it appeared to be good also. I am not so sure about Brenda's Shrimp and Angel Hair Pasta though. She didn't seem to think it was so great. It is a small restaurant right on one of the canals that brings the sea into a neighbourhood across the road and gives access to the sea to all the homeowners, so we could watch the herons and leaping fish go by while we ate.

Today we had a little visitor as we sat outside and ate some of our peanuts. He moved right in and started to enjoy a little sunbathing right along with us. As long as we shared the peanuts he was willing to just loaf around all day but once that ended he moved on to the next suckers.

So as you have probably figured out by now not much is up! We are just enjoying the weather and hoping those back home are getting dug out from yet another snow storm.


  1. Old timers usually use an umbrella to keep the blistering sun off of them,so Grandpa tells me, might be a good idea for you two.

  2. Don't come North yet, we have had wind all day and are now enjoying a cold rain. Just think, KC is only halfway to Canada.


  3. Well if by chance you wonder through Big "D" next month give me a shout. I am not sure where I will be at the time but I sure would like to give you a howdy before you leave for the North. You think you are idle you should be here with me....Booooringggg to say the least. Can't wait for chat tonight so I can visit.

    Joe and Sherri