Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Picacho Peak

It has been a pretty good year for the plants in the Sonoran desert, there has been a pretty nice amount of moisture so things should start to bust into flower pretty soon. It is another hot day (85-90F) today but a nice layer of cloud to keep it a little cooler than it could have been. This RV Resort is in a pretty nice spot right in the shadow of Picacho Peak right next door to the State Park. We've made a decision to head towards Texas after we leave here so Thursday morning we will be off and on the road (I-10) headed East. It will take us a couple of days to travel through New Mexico and West Texas to arrive in the Hill Country, sometime around Sunday, where we will hang out for a while, maybe as long as a couple of weeks.

Picacho Peak above and below along with an interesting shadow from one of the many Saguaro's in the area.

As usual we are eating like royalty on this trip. Fresh baked muffins this morning and barbequed salmon and rice for dinner. Dennis and Denice will be over later for Strawberry Shortcake so no danger of a famine getting out of hand on this trip.
Lookout Kerrville here we come!

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