Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Here Everything's Better or so they say. It's a Texas based grocery store Heather, and it is a good one. We had to go over and pick up some more stuff for supper. It is some kind of a mystery, we shop for groceries almost every day and never seem to have what it is we want for supper. Oh well, it isn't like our day is to busy for a run to the store. Today we hung out in the campground most of the day, other than the HEB run, and got a few things done around the bus. Started off the day getting the top sides cleaned up, yesterday we did everything that could be done from the ground. I made it down one side and when I turned the corner there was the neighbours so I had to stop for a visit. While I was sitting there I saw that our window awning had pulled out of the track and needed repairs. There is a small dowel like piece of plastic that needs to go in the edge of the awning and the one that was (maybe) in there was gone. Dennis next door had a piece from another awning and although it was too big a little work with a file managed to trim it down to the proper size. That fixed we needed to set around for a spell and do some more eating. Finally got the whole bus done by the end of the day.

The picture above shows a different kind of sodding job they have done here. Maybe they need to wait until they get their stimulus payment before they can put down the other half of the sod. Rumour has it that it will fill in by itself over the summer, I guess we will see if we get back here next January. The shot below is of our site next winter, #87 to the left and yours if it is #85 Joe is to the right. They must be keeping them empty so that the grass has a chance to spread before we get back here.

And here is a shot of our little piece of Canadian territory deep in the heart of Texas. That is Dennis and Denice's rig flying the Stars and Stripes and the Maple Leaf.

Oh yah, Dortha we made it four laps today!


  1. That is for chess or checkers, something for you LIFESTYLERS to do!!

  2. Great job on the 4 laps...keep up the good work, means you can have more points! LOL

    I wish we were there to enjoy the walk with you.


  3. 1.5 miles !!!! Eh slowing down from "The Kerrville Walk".LOL Miss you all. Sherri

  4. Sherri and I put in a hard 2 miler today...I ran laps around Sherri as she walked so that I could double my distance...feel like a hundred bucks this morning...may put in another 2 miler today eh...

    No word of a lie