Wednesday, March 25, 2009

More of the Same and Maybe Not!

Thought I should drop a few words here to let you know that we are still enjoying the fine weather of the Texas Coastal Bend. Not too much exciting going on so it will be short. Yesterday Bob and Molly dropped by as they were scouting out campgrounds for next winter. They didn't stay long but we are seeing them tonight for a visit over dinner. We ran out to HEB and picked up a few things, although we are not doing much our daily walks seem to keep our appetites healthy, maybe too healthy. We had Dennis and Denice over for dinner last night and Brenda was once again in fine form in the kitchen, and the grill. Steak, sauteed shrimp scampi, spuds and corn on the cob. No wonder I have to walk twenty miles a day just to stay even.

Today we did our walk around the neighbourhood a little earlier so it was not quite as hot although the humidity is getting pretty high for us prairie kids. Back home we think it is dripping hot when it gets up into the 30-40% range. Here it starts at 65% and spends the day working it's way up till you sweat when you blink.

Denice and Brenda went off on a shopping expedition today without supervision. I guess this gives them time to handle all the goods in the store. The damage was not to bad though, Brenda came home with a couple of pairs of flip flops, thongs for those of you with clean minds, and a new t-shirt for me. Strange she only has one pair of feet but many pairs of shoes. If she got anything else she had it put away before I saw it so it will now be in the category of "ohh, I've had this forever!!" Nice for them to be able to get some girl time away from us though, Dennis and I had the woes of the world to solve anyway.

The campground is emptying quite quickly as the "Winter Texans" head back for their summer homes, hope they don't get bad weather along the way as it seems like the midwest is getting hit by a little inclement weather.

This afternoon we went over to Bob and Molly's for a visit and a little of Molly's southern hospitality. Beautiful motorhome folks, I love the floors. Once we ate and drank all their goodies we decided to go out for supper. The Boiling Pot was the dining establishment of choice. It is an interesting place. You get a bunch of things, King Crab, Crawfish, Blue Crab, Sausage, Potato, Shrimp all thrown in a big pot and boiled. They come and dump it all in the middle of your table, without plates or tools of any kind except a little wooden mallet and tell you dig in. Well dig in we did, but Brenda was having a little problem with the fact that most of the things we were eating had faces and were looking at her. So Bob and Molly ended up hand feeding her after they had removed the faces. There were some things there that I had no idea how to eat, but like everything to do with eating, I caught on fast. It was a great meal but maybe not one you should go for on a first date. Really folks, we do have utensils back in the frozen north, and don't always just rip our food apart and wolf it down.

Here are before and after shots of our table

Thanks folks for sharing the evening with us, we had a great time.


  1. Glad to see you folks aren't going hungry down there in Texas! Supposed to go below freezing here in KC this weekend, so North is not a friendly direction for travel.

  2. I wondered what happened to you two i should have known you were camped out at an eating establishment. aaaahhhhhhaa Glad your having fun!!

  3. Sherri says she is with you Brenda...if it has a face it has feelings and she is not eating it! Take off that face and stand back. Have fun and stay safe.

    Joe and Sherri

  4. Awwww, now I get it, the faces.. lol So did you like the food??

  5. I don't get it. Brenda is going around wearing a thong and flip flops? A bit chilly isn't it? Anyways, if you ever get to Maryland, they cook seafood a little different and much better. They don't boil the crabs but steam them in tons of Old Bay and other seasonings. Really good but they also have their faces on.

  6. Brenda...

    I am with you girl about some of those things with faces. Too much trouble for so little.

    And, tell John, a girl can't have too many flip flops!


  7. I absolutely LOVED the "after" picture....