Sunday, March 8, 2009

Non-stop Fun

We are in Kerrville and having a great time. We have met a great bunch of folks here and although a lot of them I have chatted with from time to time and through their blogs have actually put faces and names together, here we are able to put accents to those familar folks and their faces.

We had to change sites today and the fellow who was in our new site certainly made sure he got his money's worth and didn't move out until exactly at checkout time, 12:00 noon. We used the time wisely and removed the hard water spots from the bus that the sprinkler system had so kindly put on over night. Just one of the complications that comes with sharing an RV park with Mark and Dortha, their rig is so shiny that even the starlight reflected at night could blind you. We have found this spray cleaner called the Solution that does an excellent job of cleaning the bus. It is great for light cleaning and even does the windows and mirrors without any streaking, and any of you who know Brenda know that that is pretty important around here.

Today after getting moved we ran into town to grab a quick hamburger for lunch and do some shopping at, you guessed it, Walmart. That done it was back to the Campground and another afternoon of visiting around and just enjoying weather and the friends we have made here over the last day or so.

Tonight we had happy hour with most of the Dreamers here in the Campground and ate a few appetizers and and told a few stories and had a ton of laughs. After that we moved over to Rollie and Gina's to cook a few marshmallows and smores. Believe it or not I had my first smore there, who knew that Graham crackers, chocolate, and toasted marshmallows could be so good. There were a few more stories told here, a lot more laughs and a lot of conversation about the best way to do almost anything you can think about to do with RV's

Just in case it isn't pretty clear we are thinking that coming over and meeting all the folks at this gathering was certainly one of our better ideas. After all it was only 850 miles and the laughs alone are worth that 3 day trek, and we have only really been here one full day with another week or so to go. I've always said that life is really about the stories you collect along the way and we are collecting them non-stop here at the Gathering in Kerrville not to mention the new friends that we hope to meet again and again along the highways and byways.


  1. Glad to hear someone is having fun!!! It looks like fun. It`s only -23 today. Hurry home hahah.

  2. We are so glad you made that 3 day trip to meet up with us. And the memories just keep adding up!