Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Face hurts

from laughing so much. We began the day with laundry to do and lo and behold when I went over to check up on Brenda and the laundry room long before I got there I could hear gales of laughter. I thought, hmm that’s a little strange but maybe I have finally driven her over the edge. Nope, not me, Joe (Speedy) and his wife Sheri, as well as Rollie and Gina were in there telling stories about their RVing experiences and they included some of the funniest situations I could imagine. Now I’m never much for hanging around the laundry room, but this time I couldn’t tear myself away. After an hour of so doing the laundry we had to stagger our way home chuckling all the way. The day is still young and my face already hurts from laughing so much. I was telling Dad today about our adventure here and talking about Speedy. He reminds me so much of Dad's friend Jack Irwin, and like Dad says about Jack Irwin, "Speedy knows how to have fun, and more importantly he knows how to share it."

I ran into Walmart to pick up some ribs for our Happy Hour tonight and in there I ran into Rollie and Joe again, wandering the isles looking for their wives. When I left they were still there, still looking, so I guess they are wondering why they let them in there unsupervised and all. So I guess that’s why when Brenda goes to Walmart I always go along, just so I can keep a handle on where she is. The Lord knows I’d be helpless if I lost her.

We spent the afternoon loafing around camp and visiting with a bunch of Dreamers over at Rollie and Gina's rig until it was time to head over and start, you guessed it, eating again, at Mac and Netters. We had what the ladies are calling "heavy appetizers" tonight. I guess they are called heavy because in another setting they would be called dinner, BBQ Ribs, Bacon Wrapped Poppers, Meatballs, Tuna Cakes, Hot Crab Dip, Natcho Dips, Sloppy Joes, and homemade Strawberry Pie. No idea who made all this and more, but my waistline is reminding me who ate it all.

I just know my brother Kelly would have loved these guys rides. And the shots below are just a bunch of folks struggling to stave off starvation.

I can hardly wait to see what happens today, it is Brenda's birthday and we are headed into San Antonio for a look around and then back to join the group at Mamacita's for dinner.
Today is a big day in the Brown family, our youngest son and Brenda both have birthdays today, handy for me as my memory is bad enough so the more on one day the better, Happy Birthday Matt and Happy Birthday Sweetpea!


  1. your face hurts I know its killing me too. Hahah

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRENDA...Sherri and I really enjoyed our visit last night.We loved the laughs. We will see ya both later

    Joe and Sherri

  3. Happy Birthday Brenda!

    Glad your 850 miles trip was worth it!