Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Going to the "Gathering"

Tomorrow morning bright and early we will hit the road en route to a "Gathering" in Texas Hill Country. A bunch (20 or so) of rigs are meeting up at the Buckhorn Lake Resort so that folks can renew old acquaintances and put faces to others. Most of the folks in attendance are also regular "chatters" in the RV Dreams chat room so although we have never met any of them in person, I feel like I have known some of them for a long time. One of the fascinating things about this RV lifestyle is the quickness with which you can form enduring relationships with people you meet along the road. It seems that just by virtue of where you are and what you are doing you already have a lot in common with folks and what with the internet now, you may have already learned a lot about each other before you ever meet face to face. It just seemed like to good an opportunity to pass up so we cast out our other jello like plans and booked some time in Kerrville. It's a long drive for a chat and a visit but what the heck we didn't have anything else to do except sit in the hot Arizona sun and ponder life on the road. It probably means we will have to forego our planned excursion to the Grand Canyon for yet another year at least, but we have already done a helicopter flight down Canada's Grand Canyon so how much more exciting can that have been. We'll save it for another time.

Today we went down to the Rooster Cogburn Ostrich Ranch which is right next door to our campground. They have about 600 ostriches there along with some fallow deer and little Sicilian burro's. As part of the price of entry they give you a bucket of horse feed to lure all these critters right up to the fence. The animals know the routine pretty well because as soon as you come out of the entrance they are lining up at the fence. The deer, as you would expect, are pretty gentle and feed much like horses or the burro's but the ostriches kind of stare you down and dare you to NOT feed them. If you get to close they are liable to take a bite at you so we didn't leave much with them and feed it all to the other more appreciative critters.

This little fellow was just 3 days old.

In the enclosure they also have a Lorikeet pen. These are small parrot like, think budgies on steroids, bird and they sit all over you trying to get at the nectar in the small cups you are supplied with. Meanwhile while some eat other are screeching into your ear so it is really an experience that although I did it once will not be high on my redo list. Pretty birds though. Other than that it was a day for cleaning the dust off the rig and Brenda preparing one of her great steak dinners, complete with Brent Vogt's cheesy potatoe recipe, and corn on the cob and a fresh homemade pecan pie for desert for Dennis, Denice, and I.
Contrary to popular legend we Do Not eat KD every day!


  1. I can attest to the KD thing, Brenda should be the next Rachel Ray!!!!!Besides my mother the only other great cook i know is her husbands cousin. Say hi to everyone i too feel like i know them. hahahaha have fun I look forward to seeing you two again SOON!!!!!!!!!!!Save travels

  2. Awwwww, what a cute little donkey. Looking forward to seeing you in Kerrville, we made it today!

  3. Hi guys...we look forward to seeing you in Kerrville! Travel safely!
    Molly & Bob

  4. Safe travels and we are looking forward to meeting you.