Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dropping Like Fly's!!

Man is it getting empty around here. Well the campground is still full but our friends are flying the coop. Today Mac and Netters, Don and Cheryl, Rodney and Becky and Joe and Sheri hit the road home. They tell us they have this place where they have to report in on Monday morning. I guess they were out on some kind of work release program and if they don't show up back there they will release the tracking dogs to find them. Strange kind of parole if you ask me! Those of us who have served our full sentence have a hard time understanding this stuff anymore. Well it will not be long until they get to join us on the road and not have those w*rk commitments to return too. Others like Rod and Loyce are just moving on to different places and we will see them all down the road as Joe says "Somewhere in Time"

Once we said our goodbyes we finished catching up on the laundry and then headed back to the rig to do some computering and catch up on some napping. Tonight we are heading over to Rollie and Gina's for dinner and then the gang is getting together for dessert. Rollie and Gina managed to cram 16-20 folks into their rig to enjoy Gina's homemade Chocolate Pie and a few pieces of the Frozen Peanut Butter Pie that Brenda had made for last nights dinner. And I was scared that with folks getting ready to move on down the road the eating would slow down. I guess we will gorge ourselves right to the moment we get in the rig and head out.

Here are a couple of shot of the Dessert Club doing what they do best!

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  1. John..Brenda...being that we just met it is hard for Sherri and I to understand the feelings we have now. We already miss you two and don't know whether we will ever be able to walk alone again?? What is that all a It would be hard to explain to any other couple how in such a short period of time you build an attachment to someone like Sherri and I did with you and Brenda...I guess you are just special folks. We hope that your travels are safe ones. Hopefully we will see you in July??? You know how all that goes but we will be making those plans. Until that time God Bless until we meet again ...

    Somewhere in Time

    Joe and Sherri