Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wasn't That a Party!!

Today we ran into San Antonio to take a tour around the Riverwalk. When we left Kerrville it was raining lightly but we were soon out of that and into a cloudy but not to cool day around San Antonio. We took a tour on the boats on the Riverwalk and then walked around it all again on foot. As usual there were a lot of tourists around the Alamo but the Riverwalk was relatively unpopulated. Brenda took a look in a few stores but didn't find anything that tickled her fancy so we came home with exactly what we left with the exception of sorer feet.

A couple of pictures of the San Antonio Riverwalk

It is a slow day for the Dreamers although some of the guys were out golfing and their appeared to be an expedition of ladies who were checking the various shops in Kerrville. Seemed to be a lot of bags being hauled out of Sheri's truck when they returned so it must have been a successful venture.

Tonight we are all heading in to Mamacita's for dinner to celebrate Brenda's birthday and also give the cooks a night off. This has been a time of non-stop eating since we got here so those whose culinary talents are up to the challenge have been working overtime. And those of us whose talents lean more towards eating have certainly been doing our part!

A part of the group at Brenda's Birthday Bash

Happy Birthday Honey!!

And here she is with her ill-gotten gains. She has quite an international reputation as a butter bandit.

And of course no birthday party would be complete without embarassing pictures in funny hats.

Well the birthday party was great and one that I am sure Brenda will remember for years, thanks to all you kind folks out there.

Oh by the way Brenda wasn't the only person who had a crack at wearing the hat. The Master of Ceremonies for the event was this old Mexican guy, Speedy Gonzalez, Arriba.....Arriba....LOL

Here is a tree in San Antonio, for those of you stuck in permanent winter the green things are called leaves, when you notice some on the trees around home please give us a call so we will know it is time to head north.


  1. Hey did you get that big diamond you wanted for your birthday??

  2. Love the tree clues to the friends up north...what a novel idea. Like the olive branch in the dove's mouth...eh


  3. Sorry we missed your birthday party, it must have been a surprise party :)

    Anyway Happy Birthday Brenda, I remember when I first turned 21, that has been over 10 years ago. It is quite a feeling, being legal to do about anything :)