Monday, March 2, 2009

On the Move

Not much to report, the weather is hot, 90F, and the living is easy. We left Usery Mountain Sunday morning and moved over to Tolleson where Freightliner has a service centre for motorhomes. Our bus has just over 5,000 miles so it was time for that first service. They have a spot in the back where they let us park and plug in so we had the AC.

After we got set up we headed up to the Bertrams for a visit. We haven't seen George and Shirley since we were here last year and as usual it was a great time and they overfed us as usual. We also met another old friend Stu Miller there.

We were up bright and early this morning to get the Freightliner folks started on our service. The last time I had an oil change that cost that much they threw six pistons in along with it, but that first service is an important one and everything is changed back to synthetic oils now so other than the engine it will be awhile before we have to do them all again, I hope.

After the bus was released we headed down the road towards Tucson and met up with Dennis and Denice at Picacho RV Resort. We are going to hole up here for a few days to get over the big, 80 miles, travel day. This is pretty nice spot, big sites, clean, good facilities, but just a little close to the Interstate. We are intent on planning the rest of the winter and are not sure which way we are going but it might be that we will head off to the Lonestar State to see what it is like over there at this time of year.

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