Monday, March 16, 2009

Back to the Real World

Today we are in the Last Resort campground in Rockport, Texas and things are getting back to normal. We left the gang in Kerrville yesterday and only have two rigs full of folks that we know in this location, Dennis and Denice and I see Rod and Loyce pulled in this afternoon. We of course ran out to make sure we knew where the local Walmart was and picked up a few groceries. We also stopped and washed the Jeep it was covered in the rubber grime off the highway so took a good scrubbing to get down to the paint. Other than that we haven't done much today. The trees in our site are blocking our satellite and we are stuck with the cable in the park. Life is tough!

That said the weather is smartening up and we had sunshine all day so spent most of it sitting out and getting the campsite set up.


  1. Sure would like to see some pics of the campsite!!!!!!!!

  2. Oh you have such a rough life! I weep that you can't get satellite and have to rely on cable. . .how will you ever cope?!