Friday, March 6, 2009

The West Texas Wind

is blowing us towards the Gathering at Buckhorn Lake Resort near Kerrville, Texas. We left Las Cruces, and Dennis and Denice, they are headed along the border to San Antonio, this morning and headed into El Paso right at rush hour. Other than a little congestion near an accident everyone on the road managed to get out of our way as we careened our way through town. Seems like my grey wig and wrinkles scares the hell out of the folks who get in our way. When we start to signal they almost drive in the ditch to clear out of the way. Really we move along just a little slower than the mainstream of traffic and that means they all work their way past us at their own pace. We stopped to fuel up today in Van Horn and paid $2.08/gallon at the Chevron there. Got to spread the business around a little and today was for you Carley. We are, even with the unfavourable wind, still making over 9 MPG so don’t expect us to single-handedly drive the price of oil up. For those of you still driving your SMART cars 9 ain’t half bad.

While we were in Van Horn Brenda ran into the market to pick up some groceries, I think it is Lasagna tomorrow night for the potluck. Well only time will tell for sure, whether I manage to not eat it all before the dinner.

The internet is pretty flaky here so I will try to get this posted sometime tonight but no pictures.
Tonight we are in Ft. Stockton, Texas. In Texas terms that is pretty near next door to Kerrville.

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