Friday, March 20, 2009

Where Does the Time Go?

It is a couple of days since we posted last and I can't figure out where the time goes. We haven't done much over the last couple of days except enjoy the weather and the location. Yesterday we headed out to lunch to Charlotte Plummer's restaurant and then down to the Fishing Pier for a look around. There were lot's of fisher people out there but no evidence of fish. I'm thinking that the fish were all watching the same dolphin we were and thinking now is not the time to be chasing around the pier after a bunch of fake squid. There were also a few white pelicans hanging about, but they looked like they were just enjoying the sunshine also.

We had Dennis and Denice, and Rod and Loyce over last night for dessert and a visit. The time passed quickly and before we knew it everyone was heading home. As Rod says once RV'ers midnight (9PM) hits it is lights out for most folks. Rod and Loyce are heading for home today so they were off fairly early in the morning. Drive safe.

Yesterday we also got our Star Choice satellite back on line so now we can keep up with the news back home. It is nice to see that it is warming up there. We are not much more than a month away from heading that direction so a warming trend will be welcome, it has been a long cold winter for those back home.
Today we didn't do anything, except for a little polishing on the rig and a lot of reading and snoozing. Oh yah, we actually did do our 2 miles before breakfast today but then we seemed to have to rest up all day after that. Tomorrow who knows, maybe the King Ranch. This makes two days in a row that we haven't been in a grocery store and I think that may be a record for our trip this year. No sign of the victuals running out either.


  1. Sounds like a day in the life of the Kendalls. Enjoy the warm weather.

    Debbie & Rod

  2. K i give what are victuals?????I am back in the cold now my flight was awesome, talk to you soon off to soccer ( grandchilds )

  3. Well come to think about it Sherri and I have not been to the store in some time. Maybe it is a new trend we are setting??? Boycot the stores for a down those prices...lose some weight...Maybe not. Oh well we are gearing up for one more week of work...pray for us and tell us stories of fulltiming until we can make our own..

    Joe and Sherri

  4. Hi you two!!
    You've been on my mind for so long now, just wanted to say hi and I miss you. Looks like you are having a wonderful time! My love to you both...
    Love Kathy