Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day

Today the weather changed and for a moment this morning I thought I was back in the Cowtown I was born in. It hovered around 40F all day and with the wind it was a little nippy out there. When we got here the other day I was in such a hurry to see our friends that I drove right by the propane without evening thinking about filling the tank, just in case. So fired up our old electric heater and got a new little one to throw some additional heat into the rig. Sitting here tonight the new little one is carrying the load all by itself so we will probably have no difficulty making it till the next move day without taking on some propane.

This morning Sheri, Sandy and Brenda popped out to pick up a few things that they needed to complete our Thanksgiving feast. Meg and I skipped the long walk this morning and opted to stay in the Park and just do a few circles around here. Lot warmer in the trees than out along the road we have been following other mornings. Later in the day we did get out to a field so she could get a good run in though.

Tonight we got together in the community room across the road from our rigs and chowed down on Taco soup, salad and cornbread muffins, followed by apple cobbler, pumpkin cake, pecan pie and ice cream and if I forgot to mention anything rest assured I didn’t forget to eat any of it anyway.

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