Monday, November 8, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park

Yesterday was a camp day, we just hung out and visited with Rod and Deb and their grandchildren all day, and then got all hooked up ready to leave this morning.

When I went for my walk this morning there was a beautiful sunrise happening.


As Meg and I walked along it seemed like it might be a good idea to hang out here in Fort Collins for one more day, the weather was going to be good and there is a lot we haven’t seen yet, not to mention the good company. We can drive in the rain tomorrow and get to the same place, and what the heck if it is too bad to drive we’ll just hang out with the Kendall’s for one more day……lol. I mean they feed us and drive us, so how can it get any better.

So once the decision to stay had been ratified by a higher power, I suggested we take a run out to Rocky Mountain National Park and see what there is to see. Rod drove and Deb navigated and my job was looking for wildlife. Well we stayed on the road and actually ended up where we planned on going so the Kendall’s did their part and I will let the photo’s speak for my participation.

This band of sheep were along the road between Loveland and Estes Park and were just heading down to the creek for a drink of water when I spotted them. Even without the sheep it was a beautiful drive.

And this fellow was watching us watching the sheep.


Once we got into Estes Park of course we needed to find a place to eat and a local merchant told us this was where she ate her lunch everyday and we thought if she could eat there everyday it sure would be good enough for us.


After our stomach’s were full we headed into the park, first to get Deb’s passport stamped, and then to see what there was to see.

Rocky Mountain National Park

This is a view from the Many Parks Curve viewpoint where the road is actually closed as it is winter in the higher elevations of the park. The shots below were at the same viewpoint.


The one on the left has Brenda alone and the next one there is a small white spot at the top and that is Deb one uping her.

After those scenic shots it seemed like it was time for me to get back on the job and do my part. We found these guys along the road into a spot called Moraine Park. The bull in the top centre of this shot was a monster, high, wide and heavy antlers and noticeably bigger than the other bulls in this herd. There probably was a couple of hundred head of elk here in this meadow and maybe 25-30 photographers watching them.


After this group of elk it was time to head for camp so we took off and headed out along another road that passed yet another visitor centre but Deb had no luck here when it came to getting her stamp. They are closed on weekdays so she will have to come back some other time. On the way out of here we stumbled on a smaller herd of elk and this bunch had no groupie’s, just us.


After a great day in the National Park we headed back to our rigs and once again Deb did her best to overfeed us. And we finished up with some more of Brenda’s Frozen Peanut Butter pie.

Once again we said our goodbyes to these good friends,


and their family.



  1. Great blog, JB! We had the BEST time with you guys and can't wait to see you again down the road. We're the stalkers now...

    Deb & Rod

  2. Awesome photos JB - One of those will go in my "very favorite photos" - No it is not the Old Bull Elk!!

  3. Great photos guys! Looks like you are having a ball--you better not tarry long in Colorado--old man winter hit us yesterday!

  4. Good to see you paying homage to those who are paying your pension in your one photo! LOL!