Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Still in McKinney

Not that being here is a problem either. We have asked and received permission to hang out here in MCD’s lot till Brenda’s contacts arrive at Sam’s. That could be as early as Friday but more likely Monday, so we will enjoy their hospitality till then. The new blinds look great and the customer service excellent. We were scheduled to be here all week, but things are all finished up so we will have a few days to give everything a workout before we move on.

This place is a beehive of activity and like anyplace RV folk seem to gather it is extremely unlikely you won’t get visiting with your neighbours. A couple we met yesterday, Art and Pam, joined us in our quest for a dinner out. They recommended Rick’s Chophouse in Old Town McKinney so that is where we settled in for dinner. Wow talk about value for your money.


On the left above is Brenda’s Country Fried Rib-eye, and over to the right is my Buttermilk Fried Chicken{s}. Those are not butter plates we are using but oversized platters. Needless to say we brought home a doggie bag, well, actually a doggie sack, and it was a full size one. Art and Pam had the Salmon and Rainbow Trout respectively and all reports are that both were excellent also.

But as most folks also know in this lifestyle it is soon time to say see you down the road. Here they go with their beautiful Country Coach heading home to San Diego.

Art and Pam' Coach heading for San Diego

After that meal Meg and I will have to walk all day tomorrow. She and I have been wandering around the neighbourhood every morning to get out walk in, but the traffic is pretty intense early in the morning so today we headed off looking for a Park to do our walking in. We found the Towne Lake Recreation Area and scouted around a little. It will take a little driving to get to it but maybe we won’t be run over while we are walking.


The other thing we did today was head over to Camping World to stock up on all those necessities that we don’t really need but can only get there. A new step to make it easier on Brenda’s knee climbing in and out of the coach and some of those sheets that fit so well on an RV bed as well as a few other odds and ends that somehow seem to always get into the cart.

Here is a shot of Brenda and Meg testing both the new park and the new leash.


  1. Holy looks like pant tightening food lol.

  2. Those look like some meals- I can here the arteries clogging from here. What the heck-you have to have some fun!

  3. So glad you got your "grandma step", Brenda!! ;)

    Deb & Rod