Saturday, November 20, 2010

MCD Innovations

We arrived here a week ago tomorrow to change a few blinds in the rig.



There was nothing physically wrong with the old blinds but they were hard to keep clean and the strings in them are prone to breaking and we thought seeing as how we were going by the factory here why not change things up a little.


These new blinds give the rig a much more streamlined look and should be much easier to keep clean, and you just know that will make Brenda happy.

I can’t say enough about the staff here at MCD, from our arrival last Sunday right through until today we have been treated like we were the whole reason for their existence. We gave them very short warning that we would like to have our rig measured and they fit us into their already busy schedule. From the marketing person, Peggy, to all the installers, Brandon, Andrew, and Charlie they were doing their utmost to make sure we were satisfied with every little thing. There was an issue with the pair of blinds along our hallway and they changed the material twice and had the manufacturing folks working overtime to get us completed on Friday evening. At no time was there anything but a willingness to do “whatever” it took to make sure we were satisfied with their product and the installation. We asked and received permission to stay an extra few days in their lot here so that we could head directly from here to an appointment we have in Carrollton to get our slide topper repaired. It took a little wind damage a few evenings ago when we had a gentle East Texas breeze blowing through.

Today we headed up the road to Anna, Texas for supper at Joe’s Italian Bistro. The pizza was excellent and the bread was to die for.


We have had a good time here in McKinney but are looking forward to heading over Fort Worth way on Monday to meet up with some folks we have met in other places along the road.


  1. Your blinds look great. I couldn't tell by the photos; are they string operated?

  2. The blinds look great! Are they more like roller shades? I like the day/night option for a bit of light and privacy during the day, but Brenda is right about the cleaning part! Would love more details....

  3. We LOVE the MCD shade we put across the front windshield in our rig. Maybe someday we will bite the bullet and do them all around like you did.

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  4. Love love love love love your new blinds...this could very well cost Rick some $$ :)