Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Time to Beat it!

We knew that it was time to leave this morning when Deb and Rod offered to help us roll up our hoses and cables. All joking aside we were sorry to leave the Kendalls behind but we also understand the pull that those grandbabies have on them. We will see them down the road somewhere this winter I am sure. They will be heading to the desert with their beautiful new motorhome.

We got on the road about 9:30AM and headed right into Denver looking for I-70 east. Rumour has it that my brother Brent was in one of those downtown towers in Denver, but I guess we missed him.


We avoided the toll road as it seemed a little rich for my tastes and the traffic was not bad on the regular routes. Never really had to even take the cruise off and before we knew it we were headed east towards Limon. There was quite a north east wind blowing so we were glad to get off I-70 and head back south. We were getting blown along pretty well so our mileage was as good today as it has been all the way south this year.


We stopped along the way for a break and Meg got a run through what appears to be the endless grasslands that carpet eastern Colorado. There is a shortage of trees out this way and it must have been something to see before it was settled more than a century ago.

Doesn’t get much better than this eh! Grass, cows and oil wells.



And a few horses thrown in.

Tonight we are in the Lamar Sportsman’s Campground and Horse Motel. When we got here there was a sign on the door saying the owner will be gone for ten days so just make ourselves at home and use the night registry box to sign ourselves in. So we did, tomorrow we will head towards Ulysses, Kansas and see if we can track down Mac and Netters.

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