Sunday, November 28, 2010

And There were Six :(

Today was another day to say our see you laters to our friends. Sheri and Joe had to head out today and although it is never good to say goodbye we know it will bring us one day closer to saying hi again.


Here is a shot of Brenda trying to hitch a ride with Joe and Sheri, but no luck she is stuck with me for the winter.

After we said our goodbyes it was time for another shopping run. This time we just headed on over to the local Costco to see what they had that we didn’t. Although their stock was pretty good we had one of almost everything they had already so we managed to get out of there with just a few items.


Here is the group discussing something that we probably can’t do without or at least something that Deb and Rod can’t do without.

And luckily for my wallet it looks like Brenda is not really into this shopping stuff today.


Once we got done with the shopping the rest of the afternoon was dedicated to football and then some extra fine chili that Dortha whipped us for us. Oh yah and Deb brought the potatoes and the soda crackers for the chili, what’s up with that.


  1. Looks like you folks are having a great time!! Wish we were there....lots of snow on the ground here snowed yesterday and throughout the evening...your not missing a thing lol....Brenda how did the Black Friday Shopping go...did you find some great buys? take care folks...we enjoy reading your blog regularly altho we don't post safe...

  2. hard to say so long, see you down the road..!..but at least there is still six!!

  3. It looks like Brenda enjoys the shopping in the same way I do! :)


  4. Not sure if our email ever reached you guys. By the time we left the RV dealers in Alverado it was 7pm and then we had a 4 hour drive back to Ashdown.

    Hopefully we will connect soon!

    We too had a shopping run yesterday -- Sam's Club for new batteries for the Ford. Tried to buy a new camera but they were out of stock so we were saved!