Monday, November 29, 2010

Fort Worth Stockyards

Today we looked around town for some parts for Deb and Rod’s Allegro Bus and then we headed to the North Side of Fort Worth to the historic Fort Worth Stockyards. There are a few longhorn steers hanging about there to entertain the tourists and I heard but didn’t see a goat somewhere near by. Other than that it is pretty much a tourist area populated by western wear stores that no self respecting cowboy would be caught in, except for a couple of nice custom boot shops, and a variety of restaurants. But certainly worth seeing if you, like I do, enjoy the historical side of the cattle business.

Before we headed in for our lunch Dortha and Rod decided that they needed to get in the spirit of the day and take a short ride around the place.


To bad Brenda had done our laundry yesterday so we were short of quarters and they had to just imagine the great ride they would have had if only we had some money.

Here the girls are shopping for a cowgirl outfit for Deb. Another week or so in Fort Worth she will be listening to country music and two stepping all around the campground. She seems to have gotten the hang of this shopping thing.


Just a little history, the Fort Worth Stock Show in 1941 is where the American Quarter Horse Association awarded the Registration #1 to the Grand Champion stallion way back in 1941 to kick off what is now the world’s biggest breed and the home registry for most of our own horses back at home.


We actually had an opportunity to visit the American Quarter Horse Association headquarters the year we started this journey way back in 2007. They have a great building and associated museum in Amarillo, Texas well worth the visit if you are even slightly interested in stock horses.

Hey, how about that not one picture of anybody eating!


  1. Like the photo of Brenda in the barrel. Isn't there a big dance hall/bar called Gilly's at the Stockyards--seems like I (Janna) did some dancing there at one point in time.