Friday, November 26, 2010

And Then There were Eight :(

Dawn broke this morning on a cool, cool day. As Meg and I were walking I thought I should have brought along a toque, then I came to my senses and thought I should move south a little more. We are going to be in the Dallas – Fort Worth area for another 5 or 6 days though and the weather is already starting to warm up a little.

Today Sandy and Weldon had to move on down the road to their next spot, over Canton way I think? It is always sad to see our friends heading off but we take comfort in knowing that our trails will cross down the road somewhere.


Above is a shot of them heading out and below is a close up of Sandy and her navigator Weldon.


I got a few chores done around the rig today and Brenda was off to see if Black Friday is really the shopping extravaganza that it is reputed to be. Not sure if she figured that out but by the looks of the bags she carted back we may need to get an overweight permit when it comes time for us to move along.


Above is a shot of Sheri and Deb watching intently for Brenda to join them and below the three of them head off to do battle with the Black Friday mobs.


I have got a few questions over the last few days in the comments sections of the blog and maybe I should answer them so that people realize how much we enjoy getting their comments when they have time to make them.

Janna asked about my comment regarding Meg’s apparent disdain for other dogs and schnauzers in particular. She is really just protecting her people and especially her food from what she figures are just short coyotes like at home. When she is off the leash she loves to play with other dogs and for the most part gets along with everydog.

And for you folks Dennis and Denice, I have no idea why you left the warmth of a Texas November to spend time in the frozen north, but it will probably make it feel much warmer when you come back in January.

And Heather of course being the curious type had 2 questions. To answer your first question I am not sure when I became the hugging type but I guess it had something to do with hanging around with you Northern Belles and we do a lot more than eat in this RV Lifestyle. We have to shop for food, plan the food and then get the foodeady before we can eat them, so we do manage to keep busy. But one thing I have noticed is great cooks must be genetically predisposed to become RV’ers because all that food is great.

Tonight we had steaks and cheesy potatoes along with salad and garlic bread for the main course and two kinds of ice cream for desert. And of course I had to have some of each so that I wouldn’t be seen to be picking favourites.


Although we were set up to eat in our coach it was soon apparent that the Ducks / Arizona game was not on Canadian satellite so we soon moved over to Deb and Rod’s to watch the game while we enjoyed our meal. Mark and Dortha were off in town and missed out on the main courses but managed to get back in time for dessert.


  1. Thanks for the shout JB.We sure hated to leave the good company and already miss you guys. Look forward to doing it again soon.

  2. I don't know if you should have brought along a toque or not. What is a toque??