Saturday, November 13, 2010

On the Road From Childress, Texas

We had a great spot in Childress last night, right down the trail from the local sports field so we got to listen to the half time show, marching bands and all, and it was a great spot for Meg and my walk this morning. We could get our 2.5 miles in without leaving the park.


The shot above was the sunset across the lake from our site.

We were in no hurry today to get going as we only had a 109 miles to cover to Wichita Falls. We left around 11:00AM this morning and rolled into Wichita Falls RV Park a couple of hours later. After getting set up we decided we would head out and get some of this BBQ that folks are always talking about. We asked around the site office and they recommended a couple of spots. From that selection we chose Stanley’s.


Either we are not BBQ folk or this place was a bad choice. I had the Beanie Burger on the recommendation of the cook and although it was pretty good it was a long way from any BBQ I had ever envisioned. Brenda had an order of ribs and although they had a slight smoky taste they were a little short on meat. Her sides were just “not good.” However the onion rings I ordered were the highlight of the meal.

Then it was off to the main event, a visit to the Dollar Store and finally to Wal-Mart to re-provision our rig.

Tomorrow is another big day, 135 miles or so to McKinney, Texas. We are going to be there for a few days while they fit us out with some new blinds.


  1. Didn't Brenda just re-provision the rig not to long ago in Laurel?? Have fun you guys!

  2. Maybe she is stocking up on Butter again!!!!

  3. Good sunset picture. Always bad when you have disappointing food.

    It looks like the kind of place that would have good BBQ. We find that the chain places usually disappoint the most when it comes to BBQ.

  4. The name "Beanie Burger" just sounds strange. I just love onion rings!