Sunday, November 14, 2010

Wichita Falls

This morning Meg and I took the truck and headed over to Lucy Park for our walk. We managed to find a back woods trail down along the river that had no other folks on it, so she got to spend a little time off leash. It is a beautiful park and the regular trails in it are all lit so it probably would be a nice walk in the evening also. As we came near to the turn around point we stumbled across a little swinging bridge that led us across the river to a city run RV Park called the Wichita River Bend RV Park. It had 20 odd sites (28 the web says), with water and electric and a dump station somewhere on the premises. It was only $17/night and the fact that it was quite close to the Central Freeway might make it a little noisy. But it would be a great place for an overnight stop and especially so if you or your dog like to walk.

We stayed at the Wichita Falls RV Park as we didn’t find the other one till this mornings walk but Meg was kind of partial to this view out our front window anyway.


It was just a 135 mile drive from Wichita Falls to our present location in McKinney, Texas but we saw these fellow headed off down the highway. Maybe they are heading off to Kansas City to get Rod and his scooter moving towards Mesa, Arizona with that new pup.


And just to prove that she has passed by at least one Wal-Mart this trip Brenda took this photo as we slid by on the highway.


Well that is one, and with a lot of positive reinforcement I am thinking we may actually be able to pass another 2 or 3 of these places without stopping to check their stock.

And just to prove that we are thinking of those of you back home working hard to keep those pension checks flowing we got a shot of rig, probably working on those Barnett Shales, north of Dallas. Drill baby Drill! Looks like a great job doing the community work on a job where you are drilling in some pretty expensive neighbourhoods.


One shot we didn’t get though was a huge, and I mean really huge, billboard about halfway along the drive with a picture of George W. Bush and the words, “DO YOU MISS ME YET?”. Got a chuckle out me anyway!


  1. I have seen that Geo Bush billboard-what can I say- I like it.

  2. We saw that same billboard down South in the Rockport area! And Yes some of us do./don't be skipping those Wal Mart stores, we need the business. And we hope we can head West at some point in the future.

  3. We bought Mike's Dad Bush's new book just out and he is enjoying it--he is a die hard Republican but was so disgusted with Bush by the end of his term--he says the book is making him re-think. Guess I will have to read it. Good job Brenda passing by those Wal Marts!

    1. Hey what can I say after reading this comment I went out and got the book back in 2010 and it certainly put a different light on the Bush Administration.

  4. LOL Brenda I drive Rick crazy...wanting to stop at alll the walmarts I see...just gotta love Walmart...!!! Safe travels to you both....hugs

  5. Looks like we might have been in the same site as you at Wichita Falls because our view was of that cute little dog area too. Our little Buddy sure enjoyed all those fire hydrants.