Saturday, November 6, 2010

You can Run

You can change your rig, but you can’t hide. Today we left Laurel, Montana headed towards Fort Collins, Colorado. And you’ll never guess who we bumped into there. The Kendall's who left our place down the road from Dogpound last June and took a circuitous route that led them through the wilds of the Yukon and down the Kenai River in Alaska, then over the Cassiar Highway in BC, to Washington state. There they took one final precaution and exchanged their rig for a new motorhome.


In site of their heroic efforts to throw us off the trail, we cut out many of those miles and headed straight for Colorful Colorado and ran them to ground.


Tip for other stalkers, “find the grandchildren and eventually the grandparents will come to roost.”

In the tradition of the RVing world, we traveled today and they cooked, and oh what a meal it was. We chowed down on some of that salmon that Rod was yarding out of the Kenai River all summer, some sticky rice and a little garlic bread. Throw in a salad that Brenda had put together and we were stuffed. As a special treat we got to meet their family also, Michelle, Todd, and their grandkids, Ashton and Reilly.

It was a long drive today, 514 miles, I guess the longest drive we have ever made in this motorhome, and only a few miles short of the one we made a few years ago in our Winnebago, oddly through the same country, when we were headed to Longmont Colorado to get the roof reattached. Along the way Brenda tried to catch a little flavour of the Wyoming landscape.




Yep that is a little snow peaking out over those hills but the day was in the 70’s so the snow just added some poignancy to our southern migration.



And no group of pictures of the Wyoming landscape without at least one with some Pronghorn Antelope would be complete.


Here she managed to capture MOST of the trees in Wyoming in one shot.



The shot above is of the spot where we went over a mile high in altitude and if you look closely you will see the horizon is littered with windmills, a good indication that the wind seldom stops blowing here, and it certainly didn’t take a rest while we were passing through either.


Now anyone who knows us knows Brenda’s hatred for clutter, I think in this picture she was trying to capture a memory of her dream ranch.


A fitting end to our travels through the “Cowboy State” was this silhouette of a cowboy watching over the travelers passing through his territory.

Just thought I would throw this shot in, it is not a great one but it shows a side of Deb’s rig that she will not see often. Yep, that is the sun rising behind it.



  1. Great pictures.. Welcome back into the USA.... Look forward to seeing you this winter. Have fun!

  2. I love the rising sun are right, Deb will not often if ever see that. LOL

  3. So that's what sunrises look like. Great pictures! Welcome to the South of the border. Safe travels.