Thursday, November 18, 2010

All Points Bulletin

It has been two full days that we have not been in a Wal-Mart and I believe there is an alert in the Dallas-Fort Worth area as the Wal-Mart corporation has detected a looming recession in this area. Well it’s not like we haven’t been shopping and doing our part, we have been in Albertson’s a couple of times and a few other stores but I think the Walton family is concerned that their most reliable customer is changing her shopping habits. I am sure there is nothing for them to worry about and as long as they are patient we will return to the fold soon.

Today we took a ride downtown here in McKinney and wandered around the Old Town Square. This is a revitalized shopping district that surrounds an old courthouse, recently converted to a performance hall, in the older section of town. We strolled around just soaking in the atmosphere and enjoying the sunshine. Meg and I enjoyed more sunshine than Brenda as we found a comfortable bench along the street and just people watched while Brenda did a little in-store browsing. Almost everyone walking down the street had to stop and give Meg a pat or a scratch so luckily she loves people much more than other dogs. But that said she only had to warn off one miniature schnauzer who tried to get to close to me. We will have to work on that as time goes by.


After our stroll through downtown we headed back to Camp MCD where Peggy our next door neighbour extended an invitation for us to join her and her husband Jim and another couple, Paul and Sue, from the group camped here at MCD Innovations, for a dinner celebrating her birthday. Peggy is our contact here at MCD and also a fulltimer who lives right next door to us in the lot. We headed off to the Genghis Grille for a little Mongolie grill type of food and some great fellowship.


From the left, Brenda, Sue, Peggy (the birthday girl), Paul, Jim .


  1. Thanks for the hot tip - I'm selling off Wal-Mart stock right now!!

  2. Oh, no, Meg doesn't like miniature schnauzers?? She is going to be hanging out with several this winter! Emmi doesn't yap, that helps, doesn't it?? How is Meg feeling?

  3. Are you not far enough South for HEB stores to come into play? All the gals like HEB!

  4. Tell Brenda to save up...we have a brand new Walmart in Benbrook. I haven't even seen it yet. Sounds like a trip to me! And, we have a Central Market too! She will love it.

    McKinney is a fun place to walk and shop!

    See you soon.