Monday, November 15, 2010

McKinney, Texas–day 1

We arrived in  McKinney in early afternoon and got ourselves all settled in here beside the MCD facility. Peggy, our next door neighbour, and the customer representative here at MCD brought us over a welcome package with a listing of a lot of the sights and a bunch of local information to make ourselves at home here in town. She also gave us a run down of what the day/week will look like as they fit us out for an upgrade to our blinds.

But first things first, we ran out and got some of the road grime washed off our pickup and then headed over to Sam’s Club to see if they could order some contacts for Brenda. It will take 5-7 days but they are on the way, and we have cleared it with the folks here at MCD to make sure we have a place to stay till they arrive. then it was off to Petsmart as Meg needed a new collar and one of those fancy, schmancy leash thingy’s. Next thing you know our old farm dog is going to turn into one of those high society city mutts.

This morning we were up and at ‘em early just in case the folks came to measure things up. No fear, although Peggy did drop by some samples soon after 8, the installer folks didn’t make it much before 9:30AM. After they got everything measured up and put together an estimate we reviewed that, agreed upon a course of action and I guess the order headed for the factory floor. And that meant we were off, where to, Wal-Mart of course. We needed a few things and we have time to kill so a trip to the Walton's family store was preordained. Then we took a drive around the neighbourhood finding a laundry to get some of my shirts cleaned and a park for Meg to have a run.


We weren’t there long until she came out of the bush with a baseball for me to throw for her. Nolan Ryan would have been proud it only took me a half hour to tucker her out.

Then we took a little spin through the countryside to see what we could see.


And as we drove along we came on this place and I am sure the owners were looking out saying “Darn I wish we had a rig like the Brown’s so we could get rid of this old pile of “Sticks and Bricks” and hit the road.”


And just when you thought we were done, we were off to Wal-Mart again, needed a couple of ingredients for Gina’s fudge and also picked up one of those new Virgin Broadband Aircards.


  1. Poor folks out in the country in Texas, can hardly get the water packed in, so as how they can make a good breakfast and go out and mow the yard. All 40 Acres of it!!! LOL.
    And yes bright and early in the city means 9:30! A little later would be 11:00, but with Meg's new leash, you'll get the hang of it fairly soon!

  2. Yeah 2 trips to WalMart in the same day...Brenda your my kind of woman....looks like you both (and meg also of course) had a great first day!!! Hopefully the new blinds will be in without a hitch....real soon..stay safe folks...