Sunday, December 28, 2008

Washing Machine Fire

Today was pretty much a camp day even though we are in Phyllis's lot instead of our usual boondocking spots. I went for my walk this morning and covered most of the neighbourhood snooping in every For Sale sign. Real Estate is pretty reasonable here and if a person was of a mind to purchase it is probably not a bad time. Brenda ran out to wash her Jeep but couldn't find a self serve car wash so was back in record time. The rest of the day we just sat around and caught up on our reading.

Bill and Marg and Linda and Mickey dropped by at Happy Hour so we had a visit with them for an hour or so until they headed home. Then we dropped in on Phyllis and Bob, our landlords, campfire. They had a bunch of their friends over and the party was rockin'. Here is a shot of the group enjoying the fire.

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