Saturday, December 13, 2008

Canadian World Champion

Not much to report but I thought I better make an appearance so those who read regularly don't think we have been taken out to shallow graves in the desert for non-payment of our gambling debts. Those who know me know that is unlikely in my case, and for the record Brenda has been exacting a toll from the casinos. Not enough to buy a new motorhome but enough for spending money!!

Oh yah Mick, we saw your baby brother, Mike, and he is doing fine. We have also met Derek and Shawna, friends of our from Alliance, and some of their friends also, for a good visit yesterday.

Thursday night Lindsay Sears mathematically eliminated everyone else from the World Championship race. She has been smoking 'em the last three nights. All runs below 13.6, which is pretty quick. And she did it again on Friday night. That means she has won the go arounds in 5 out of 9 nights so far. Not to get greedy but one more would be nice. Whoever thought you could make $300K a year chasing cans. You go girl!!

As for the weather it has been pretty nice all week. In the 60's for you folks back home dealing with the -20's. That said we are looking forward to heading back south to the desert and some warmer weather down Yuma way.

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  1. Thanks for the update, glad to hear you ran into my LITTLE brother!!And good job Brenda.