Friday, December 5, 2008

Jolly Old England

Yep, I imagine the Lord Mayor of London was pretty jolly when he managed to convince an Arizona developer that he had to have a surplus bridge they were replacing. But it has become a central part of the charm of Lake Havasu. We had to go down and see if it looked like a little bit of Old England but alas it is just a bridge although not one made of prebuilt concrete modules. It is spanning a pretty little manmade canal that wanders through downtown Lake Havasu.

Other than the bridge expedition we just chilled around the Motorhome for most of the day. We have a great spot kind of out of the way and there is not much traffic so you can pretend you are just out in the vast desert. You're right Mick, just us and the coyotes, great isn't it. I went for my daily walk up the wash a ways and took a few photos. Hopefully I can get some of them loaded.

Tomorrow we are off for Vegas so we should have a good connection up there.

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