Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Wash Day

I guess the most important thing that happens today is it is my middle brother and my eldest grandaughters birthdays today, so Happy Birthday to Brent and Claire.


Today Brenda was catching up with the laundry. It sounds as if the KOA laundry here is not the most efficient operation she has come across. In the spirit of keeping things clean I have made arrangements to have the coach washed also. They will not allow you to wash it yourself here, not surprisingly many Parks will not, but they have a couple of approved contractors who can do it. So we have asked Stephanie at Spit and Shine to come by and give it the once over. They do the roof as well as the windows for about $2.00 a foot. Doesn't sound like much until you remember how many feet this thing is. While they do that we will run into the casino and get some lunch. Brenda stayed in the Casino after we finished our lunch and made sure to return all of her winnings from yesterday. Don't want to break the bank in one day. The economy has really hit Vegas hard I think. It appears that about 50% of the visitors here are wearing cowboy hats and are here for the NFR. If it wasn't for that event it might be a pretty empty place.


After we got the coach washed and shone we headed out to Costco to replenish our supplies of drinking water and reading material. Have to get back to Quartzsite and the naked booksellers used book store soon. After that we made a stop at Walmart to stock up with some things there. The traffic around here is quite a challenge for a couple of country folk. In Cremona and Dease Lake if two folks arrive at the intersection at the same time it is a traffic jam, a little more exciting here.


We met up with Del the fellow we bought our rodeo tickets from so we have them in hand now, and starting tomorrow night we are off every night till it's over on Saturday.


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