Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Cut and Colour

Not much happening today, although Brenda did head over to J.C. Penney's for a new cut and colour. Apparently her stylist was a deaf lady named Wendy, and from the result she knew her stuff. The cut and style is great. This is the second time she has trusted the folks at J.C. Penney to do her hair and has been pleased with the results both times.

We then headed over to Cowboy Christmas, a gathering of western vendors, at the Las Vegas Convention Centre. Almost the same kind of group that is also at Mandalay Bay. Really the only difference is this bunch charges $10.00 to park while the Cowboy Marketplace at Mandalay Bay lets you park free. Still we managed to acquire a couple of shirts and a coat and it would be totally unlike me not to have a souvenir buckle from the Rodeo.

After that mad shopping spree we came back to the coach and I chilled here while Brenda headed in to the Casino to replenish our funds.

We are off to the Rodeo at 5:00 so there will be no pictures today, sorry Mick, maybe tomorrow. Tonight is the "Tough Enough to Wear Pink" night at the rodeo. Nearly all the contestants and most of the fans will be wearing pink tonight. This to help raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer research. So if you're out there tonight, either at the rodeo, or at home watching on TV, get out your best pink shirt and let everyone know that you are "Tough Enough to Wear Pink".

I'll head off to the archives and try to find a pink picture for the post tonight. Something from East Lake Fish Camp in Kissimmee, Florida.

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  1. This is so absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing with the world. I wish you would write and tell me what camera you are using. my addy

    I don't even know where I am at in your blog right now but Just looked up at the clock and see I've been traveling with you for almost 5 hours and having a great time Ha Ha

    ps I just started a blog BUT nothing like yours. Musingsbythecreekside. Trying to post this google doesn't recognize the password, so having to post as 'anonymous'if that works.