Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Plomosa Road

This is our spot along Plomosa Road.

Today we are camped at the Plomosa Road 14 day area north of Quartzsite. It is a nice spot along Highway 95 north of town. Not our usual Quartzsite haunt but this one has the added bonus of cell and air card coverage, at least for our Trac Phone and Sprint Air Card. We have a great spot along side of a wash that is filled with trees to break the wind that was here last night when we arrived. We are a little close to Hwy 95 and in the daytime there is a little traffic noise, but that route is pretty quiet at night so no problem there.

I managed to get my walk in this morning, I love walking in the desert, and you don't really have to have a destination in mind, just go where the mood takes you for an hour or so of physical and mental exercise. No fences out there to hold you back.

We have nothing planned today or maybe it's better said as we plan to do nothing, just in case folks think we are too lazy even to do some planning. It is nice to have a day where there is nothing on the agenda except catching up with some reading and giving Brenda time to make some of my favourite "Butternut Squash" soup. "Mmm hmm good."

We picked up a little propane incandescent heater while in Vegas and had an opportunity to use that last night. It is a lot more efficient and certainly quieter than the furnaces in the rig. My only concern with these "Mr. Heater" things is the necessity to have a window open to supply then with fresh air. Throughout my childhood I had it drummed into me about having a heater in the rig. So be assured the window is open and the heater is turned off before bed, even though these new ones apparently have a low oxygen sensor that shuts them off, hopefully, before the occupants shut off. That would require putting a lot of trust in some engineers though so we won't be testing the theory.

If anything interesting happens later in the day I'll update this but we have the internet and inverter in now so I'll post this as is.

Here is a shot of the sunset tonight

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