Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Spirit

Kids Christmas Video

Christmas Day in Yuma is certainly different than Christmas in Calgary. I didn't get up till after 8:00AM and sadly there was no mad rush to see the kids rip open their gifts. We spoke to them though as they were sorting their way through what sounded like a mountain of gifts.

After eating a bunch of fresh baked muffins we made our way down to Bill and Marg's. Their fridge gave up the ghost a few days ago and the new one was delivered yesterday so we were packing the old one out and putting the new one in. Sounds like a simple exercise but the old one was to big to fit through the door so we had rip some parts of it off to make it fit. The new one was a little smaller and fit through the door, barely. Once we got it in we found it to be an inch taller so we needed to do some remodelling to the headboard to get it to fit. A little measuring combined with a little sawing then some more measuring and a little more sawing and it slid right into place. That shocked look must be from being caught working, don't worry doesn't happen often.

The old one was a tight fit coming out even if we had ripped the front door and it mounting apparatus off.

Bill, Mickey and I assessing the new one, it looks a little smaller so maybe it won't be so difficult to get back in.

And in she goes.

Hmmm, now what's the problem it seems to be to tall to fit the hole. Bring out the saws.

Christmas Eve we took a stroll down 55 Street in Foothills. These folks go all out to make Christmas a well lite affair. Here's Brenda in front of one of the homes along the block.

And not only the houses are decorated, this poodle/reindeer was carrying a pack with batteries and was well strung with lights. Too bad I got the exposure to high to highlight them. He was pretty well trained as he stood there like a statue for folks to admire.

Well I guess a snowman is really out of the question down here but a few tumbleweeds and a little decoration make a pretty fair substitute.

Not as flashy as 55 St but the streets in our park were lined with candles and white lunch bags, sounds simple but it makes for a pretty cool display.

And just so the grinch didn't spoil Christmas for the folks back in Canada we managed to get him penned up here in Arizona.

Tonight we are having Christmas dinner here in the coach. The smells are already wafting around, now if we just could find some decent bread in this country we will be ready for sandwiches and leftovers tomorrow.


  1. The children are so adorable.
    The poodle is lovely, too. I am so glad you took a picture of it.
    My Standard Poodle loved to dress up, too. Have a safe holiday and Happy Trails, Penny, TX