Monday, December 8, 2008

Circus Circus

Sunrise in the City of Lights, and luckily not much traffic on the freeway for our drive across town early this morning.

We have moved from Arizona Charlie's to the KOA at Circus Circus. We are staying here for the rest of the week and will use this as our base for the Rodeo. I popped in tonight to watch a little of the rodeo at the bar while Brenda made sure the slots were working properly. Probably cheaper to gamble than pay the price for soda pop that they want.

Earlier in the day we were at Las Vegas RV and Camping World getting a couple of things looked at. They have to order parts and they will take a long while to get here so we are going to just make do until we get back home in the spring. Woody's can look after it all then, the important thing was getting it documented so it will be covered under warranty. While they were looking at the coach we ran down and did a little shopping at the Bass Pro. I needed a couple of light bulbs for an electric Coleman lantern I have and we also got a little propane heater to keep us warm on those cool desert nights, if they come.

Also went and had a look around the Cowboy Marketplace at Mandalay Bay but managed to get out of there without buying anything. Other than that we are just cooling our heels and staying relaxed. The weather is not as warm here as down in Arizona but it ain't bad I guess compared to the snow back home with cold weather to follow.
There was a beautiful sunset this evening, difficult to get a decent shot from down on the strip though.

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