Sunday, December 21, 2008

Kicking Back

It's Sunday in Yuma, the sun is out and the temps are in the high 60's and low 70's. Lot's going on but nothing that struck our fancy. We ran out to see where our friends are staying in Foothills. Looks like a nice spot in a neighbourhood that is a mix of casita's with RV spots and houses. It is their cousins place and they are staying there for the next two weeks. We also did our Christmas shopping so we have our Christmas dinner in the fridge, just ready to prepare. Brenda had a look around Mervyn's to see if their "Going out of Business Sale" had any deals but she said it looked pretty well picked over.

I stopped at Staples and bought a new notebook, my old one is full of notes so I am trying to transfer the important stuff to the new one today. One thing about this life there is not much important except where the odds and ends that are in the storage bins are kept. Saves me rifling through all the storage tubs everytime I have to locate something. Oh, that and a few phone numbers of folks that we are bumping into from time to time down here.

Once all that shopping was completed we ran over to the Flea Market and dropped in on a couple of important shops. First the used bookstore, need some fresh reading, and then over to the Candy and Nut shop. Can't have Christmas without candy.
I heard from our friend Randy, he was in Vegas for the snow storm a few days ago and had some stories to tell about how the desert folks handled that unfamilar sight and road conditions. I imagine it was something to see, as long as you didn't have to get out in it with them.
Here is a sunset shot I took a couple of days ago over at the Cocopah Casino.

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