Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cocopah Casino

We woke up this morning to another rainy day. Not so great but better than the three or so inches of snow that has fallen in Vegas recently. We got on the road pretty early and stopped in Quartzsite at the Love's to fuel up, $ 1.87/gal of diesel, and also top up our fresh water tank. That done we headed towards Yuma. It rained pretty heavy all the way down here.

We are parked at the Cocopah Casino and will probably stay here for a couple of days before moving on. We have been joined her by Bill and Margaret our friends from Dease Lake. Also ran into Faye and Glen, a couple we met from Calgary, last winter in Laughlin. It is kind of neat the way that after you do this roaming around for a while you realize that the same folks are traveling a like circuit so you get to see them time and time again. Brenda tried her luck with the slot machines here but I guess she left it in Vegas.

There is a Marine airbase in Yuma and their planes seemed to be constantly in the air and doing touch and go landings just down the road from us. I guess it is the "sound of freedom" but I am hoping they take the night off.

We had happy hour with the above mentioned folks and then it was time for a little TV before we called it a night.

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