Saturday, December 20, 2008

Los Algodones

We have moved from the Cocopah Casino into a park called Araby Acres. We will be here for a couple of weeks over the Christmas season. We'll be able to hook up our Xmas lights and run the heaters for a little extra heat during the cool desert nights.
Here is a shot of our new digs, that's us down the way with the silver windshield cover. Not to bad but sure not a lot of room like out in the desert.

Today we ran down to Los Algodones in Mexico with Bill and Margaret and did a little souvenir shopping. We got a couple of kerosene lamps for our return to the desert in the New Year and some "gold" jewelry that was being aggressively marketed. Unlike last year there were no long lineups at the border and some of the folks down there said it has been a bad season for them. They figure the traffic is down by half and the people who are coming are not spending near the money they have in other years. Many folks come down here to acquire their medicines and the streets are lined with dentists and opticians so there are a lot of nice smiles built here and folks are even able to see them better.

We also managed to have dinner down there at a great little restaurant right across the road from the Border Crossing. Can't remember the name but the food was great.

Now we just need to decide whether we are having "a very small turkey" chicken or something else for Christmas dinner. My bet is on the chicken.

Here is a shot of two little Mexican kids that were playing along the street. Makes me think how spoiled we have become. These two were happy as larks playing house under a sign along the busy throughfare.

sorry about the shortage of pics but our internet connection is not robust enough for that.

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