Monday, December 22, 2008


Last night we had a stroll around the Campground and had a look at the lights. Really pretty nice, I need to get my tripod out to do them justice though.

We had our coach washed today. It was covered in grime from the drive down from Vegas. Remember the snow and rain and the sand off the desert had made it pretty much a mess. A couple of Hispanic fellows came by and gave it a quick rinse and did up the chrome and the windows pretty good. The price was more reasonable than Vegas but the job was less detailed so after they were done Brenda and I hand dried it ourselves. Looks pretty good and rain is predicted for the afternoon....LOL.

After that was done we ran down to see Bill and Marg at her cousins place. It is a nice lot in the Foothills area with room for a couple of big RV's and a Casita (adobe fish camp cabin). It is really well laid out and has one room with a combined kitchen, living room, Murphy bed and a large bathroom off the side complete with washer and dryer. There is also a deck on the roof so you can enjoy the sunsets without interference from the neighbours house.

After that we were over to Phyllis (Dreamer) and Bob's place as starting next Saturday we are going to rent a space from them for a while. Not sure for how long but a week anyway and maybe two. You know the problem, our plans are cast in jello....LOL.

It had been a couple of days since we had hit Walmart so we thought we would hit the big time and search out the Sam's Club. Kinda like Walmart's version of Costco without the great meat and with a lot more stuff crammed into the same space. Purchased a couple of cases of water and some California Clemintine oranges, supposed to be like the Jap oranges we get a home, we'll see.

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