Friday, April 10, 2009

USS Lexington

We spent today touring the USS Lexington just off Corpus Christi beach. It is a WWII carrier that served until decommissioned in 1991. For more information go here. We were fortunate to be able to tour the carrier with our friends Rollie and Gina, Rollie is a retired US Navy sailor (Senior Chief) and although he served mostly on destroyers he was able to give us a lot of information that we would have missed if we had not had him along. Here is a picture of Brenda and I at the entrance to the ship. And here is one of the planes (F-14) that the Navy used to fly.

Now any of you that know Gina know she collects rocks on her travels and she is now trying to figure out how to get Rollie to get one of these off the breakwater for her.

A ship coming under the bridge coming from Corpus Christi.

And here is a shot of our hosts on this tour Rollie and Gina. The plane behind them is the same type John McCain was flying when he was shot down over Hanoi and captured to start 5 1/2 years as a POW.

After we left the Lexington we ran into Corpus Christi to once again have dinner at the Olive Garden and then do a little shopping at the HEB Plus in there. We got to watch Gina select just the right watermelon and picked up a few things we needed. We always seem to need something from HEB. We're going to miss those HEB stores when we leave Texas. And the day wouldn't be complete without a little more eating so we all had a generous helping of still warm brownies and CHOCOLATE ice cream to hold us through the

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  1. Appears the you all had a great time. I was not lucky enough to do my time on a ship at sea...I have no place to take you and show you my accomodations...unless you know of a rice patty somewhere we could wade around in HE HE ":)

    Joe and Sherri