Saturday, April 4, 2009

Still in Rockport

We are still in the Rockport area and other than walking a couple of miles each morning and a few spins around the campground through the day we are not doing a lot of exciting things. There is a lot of snooping around small local shops going on but no purchases of significance. The only meal that is noteworthy is a trip we made to the China A (eh!) Buffett. It was one of the best buffett's I have every been to and was a lot more seafood than Chinese. And it is hard to say anything harsh about any place that has 12 flavours of ice cream for dessert.

The other reason for writing is I think all of those folks who have ever been frustrated loading software into their computer should read my friend Joe's, tale of installing an Air Card and router into his rig. It is two parts first the air card , and then the router, so click on each to enjoy a trip into the hilarious. And for those in my family who are amongst the computer elite it will be an entertaining read and you will certainly acquire a taste of what the rest of us go through to do those things you think are as easy as falling of a log. I will warn you if you are in need of a bathroom break or drinking something while reading these you will be in imminent danger of embarassing yourself


  1. I know, he is a hilarious story teller.You`d think he was part of OUR family. Invite them to the reunion.

  2. Forget the air card stuff, I want to know more about the 12 flavors of ice cream.

  3. The sad part about it is when I tell these stories they are true and my whole life is made up of these stories that people find funny and while I am going through them I find Horrifying! Maybe I should think of them as that and start a book??? Oh well thanks for the mention..I am sure there will be more moments in my life that while bring a smile to others faces...I will write about those also.

    Joe and Sherri