Monday, April 6, 2009

Thai Hot!

Since I last posted we have been enjoying the Texas weather. In a day or two you get to see a lot of different weather types down here. About all we have not had was snow. And the only rain we had was one of those Arizona 6 inch rains, you know where the rain drops are only about 6 inches apart. Too bad because they could really use the moisture down here. Oh well, we will be on road on the 13th and then they can get all the rain they need. We have already begun the weather watch so we can figure out which way will be best for us to head home. There are three possibilities, one that leads us back to Arizona and Nevada and then up I-15 to Alberta, that one is about 350 miles longer than the others but less likelihood of snow on the majority of the route. The other two are across Texas, one to the Oklahoma Panhandle and then into Colorado and up I-25 to Billings, Montana where we would strike off for Great Falls and the Alberta border, this is the shortest of the three. But the route we really want to travel is straight north from Rockport up through Fort Worth and then onto Wichita, Kansas and into Nebraska before we run for Wyoming, Montana and the Medicine Line crossing into Alberta. Although a little longer than the direct route home this one takes us through Kansas and Nebraska both states we have never been to and are unlikely to cross in our travels in the future. Not that they don't have wonderful places to visit but us Canadians only have a limited amount of good weather time to tour around the mid-western states and these two are not on the road to anywhere, irregardless of the fact that Kansas is where Dorothy began her journey to Oz from and Nebraska is where the Jensen's began their trip to Tilley, Alberta from. Is it just a coincidence or what that the only two examples I could think of were people leaving for other places.

Yesterday we joined Dennis and Denice for dinner in their Motorhome. Denice had concocted an oriental style soup that was very good and had made a shrimp curry dish that sure hit the spot. The others at the table were a little concerned that it was pretty hot but I like mine spicy and this was just about perfect. And it probably didn't hurt them to drink a little milk to cool off their tongues, everybody can use a little calcium in their diet. Thanks Denice!

Today we woke up to a cooler weather system than we are used to, nothing like home but cooler for here. We delayed our walk till later in the day to give the cool breeze a chance to calm down, and headed over to Wally World to stock up on groceries and some other things we needed. The pollen is falling around here like snow so our Jeep was a light yellow until I got the bucket and brush out and gave it a wash. The pollen is so thick that the Bee's are hauling it around in trailers, probably where the term B-train came from.

So one of our readers asks "What is a B-Train?" Although common on Canadian Highways they are less common down in the States. To date we have only seen a few down here either Fed-Ex or UPS trucks. Here is a description from another website that has some pictures. "A B-Train has a special lead trailer with a rear-mounted fifth wheel. The B-Train is favored by Canadian regulations because of its increased dynamic stability and higher payloads for the same overall length. The second trailer is coupled to the fifth wheel at the rear of the first trailer. B-Trains have more yaw stability and roll coupling (stability) than others. B-Trains are allowed higher loads in Canada. B-Trains are usually special-purpose machines that remain together as a pair."


  1. Kansas and Nebraska are boring states!


  2. I can't speak for Nebraska - really - but as a native Kansan I can tell you that is a "not-to-be-missed" state! (And, since you'll be moving south to north you'll be going the "short" way through!)

    Safe travels,