Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Day 3 on the Northern Trek

Today we added a new state to our map and revisited one we have visited before, although we have the picture below that says welcome to Nebraska, it was taken in 2003 and we just darted over from Missouri to get a picture at Brownsville, Nebraska and then headed back to the Interstate to continue our drive north. So to make it real we took a drive through Nebraska today. Although we have given both Nebraska and Kansas a little bit of short shrift on this trip they both appear to be pretty nice country. The parts we drove through were pretty good agricultural land and there were lots of trees and windbreaks in evidence so it was a pretty pastoral scene that we were part of. There was a pretty strong crosswind for the entire drive today but the Powerbridge chassis that Freightliner has under our Discovery handled it quite nicely. We manage to travel right along with the smaller outfits and seem to have less problems than some other rigs. Here is the real shot we took today. Same beautiful co-pilot just a little different hairdo.

And below a shot from our last trip to South Dakota, the aforementioned old friend, to complete the set for today. We are staying at the Corps of Engineers "Cottonwood Campground" just west of Yankton, South Dakota. We managed to stake out a site without to many trees so our Star Choice dish is working here and the air card is keeping us on the net. There are campsites on both sides of the river here so whether you want to stay in South Dakota or go south to Nebraska the choice is yours. One nice surprise, apparently these sites are open all winter, with only power of course as the water is shut off, but until tomorrow they are free. After that I think with 30 Amp power they are $16.00.

Tomorrow we will continue our trip north across South Dakota and probably make it into North Dakota somewhere. That will put us on a schedule that should see us home sometime on Sunday.


  1. Looks like you are making good time. I know by this point you are ready to get home.

    And, Brenda, by the time you get settled in and regroup, it will be almost time for that baby to get here.

    Hugs and safe travels,

  2. I see you are making good time...It really looks great there. I like the COE parks and have never found one that I did not enjoying staying in. Take care and stay safe

    Joe and Sherri