Monday, April 13, 2009

Texas in Our Rearview Mirror

Today we headed north and when we head north we get moving. We are now in Oklahoma at Joe's favourite spot, the Winstar Casino. That puts us 433 miles into a journey of 2357 miles. We let all our friends and readers know we were heading towards Fort Worth and lo and behold, Sheri left town, Joe went to work (he said) and Mark and Dortha headed for the East Coast or somewhere. Want your town cleared out, give us a call. No really we had a great day and will certainly miss all our Texan friends. And anybody who is wondering why the big traffic tie-up in I-35W south of Fort Worth, well we just had to get that picture of us above setting in the Blue Bonnets, sorry about tieing up the city but you know how it is. Tonight we went into the Stone Ranch room at the Casino to have our dinner. I had the Chicken Fried Steak, first time I have ever had that, and it was huge, the steak covered the whole plate by itself so I ate about half, Brenda had a few bites and we still have enough for our lunch tomorrow. Oh yah, and Brenda did contribute some money to the coffers of this establishment so we will not feel guilty about parking in their lot for the evening for free.

The map below has our tentative route on it. We are hoping to make Salina, Kansas tomorrow night.

Oh yah, Joe we started dropping Oreo cookie crumbs along the road where I-35E & W become I-35N again so you should be able to follow us right to our farm gate.


  1. The picture looks great guys. I doubt you slowed them drivers here in Texas since if you get in their way they will just run you over. Glad to hear ya'll had a safe trip to Oklahoma. Hope Brenda didn't donate to much to them there coffers. It might have been cheaper at a campground. haha

    You all have a safe trip home.

    Rollie & Gina

  2. Great photo of you two.
    Denice is jealous! I wouldn't stop and tie up traffic the way you did!