Thursday, April 9, 2009


One day this week Dennis, Denice and us took a drive down to the old shopping district in Rockport so the ladies could fondle all the things in the store. Brenda controlled herself pretty well and didn't buy to much, but I am not sure about Denice. I know Dennis and I had to run down to the bank to get some more cash, probably not a good sign. Dennis and I just wandered along poking in and out of any shops that looked interesting and for the most part just chewing the fat and killing time waiting for the women to suppress their shopping urges. After we made sure they had adequate funds to finish up the entire street we went off to the harbour and watched the boats coming and going there. Not knowing anything much about fishing I can only hazard a guess that this is a shrimper coming in from a day out fishing.

Yesterday we ran into Corpus Christi and tried to buy a screen for Matt and Michelle and the girls to watch movies on at the farm but it appears that it can only be ordered online and to do that you need a US credit card and a US address even though we just wanted it delivered to the store for pickup. Strange rules but I guess a bed sheet will have to do until Target and Walmart recognize that Visa does have cards from other places than the United States of America. Sorry kids. While in there we managed to stop at Olive Garden for the Soup and Salad special, reasonable price and good for you too. But enough of that good for you stuff for the Lang's farewell dinner we went back to the China "A" Buffet and had the all you can eat seafood and Chinese food. Yep and some of those 8 flavours of ice cream too.

When they were ready to leave this morning they had a gift for Brenda and she was tickled pink. This sign had apparently caught her eye on her earlier shopping trip with Denice so Denice must have gone back and got it for her. We don't actually drink much wine but I am sure we use a little for cooking now and then. The rest just evaporates.

And those who have been following our blog for a while will recognize the vase on the left but in her package this morning was a bowl with a lid that we watched Dennis craft out of a piece of firewood here at the campground. They sure are beautiful works of art and will be a cherished part of our memories of the great times we spent with Langs this winter.

And here they are all hooked up and ready to break trail back into that Northern Homeland of ours. We will be following along in a few days so Dennis let us know where the drifts get high. Safe travels.

This a shot of the canal that services all the houses in the neighbourhood we walk through each day on our morning stroll. Some beautiful places but I always wonder how they fare when the hurricanes come through. I think I would like a house on a hill along way from the sea.

As a bit of a postscript I thought since I was unable to get the 6 lanes of traffic stopped on I-35 so Denice could hop out and get a picture of these fellows yesterday I should include a picture of one individual.


  1. Safe trip Dennis and Dennise, John i have a U.S. visa you could use and have your screen shipped to our U.S address if you like. Lucky you Brenda ANOTHER beautiful container!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You do have US friends that would get you anything you need, and send it to you!

  3. John my sister and BIL live on a canal just like the one in your picture. I went down severl months ago and helped them rebuild it after the huricane there. They live in Galveston. They had 6ft of water in their house! You will be leaving before long and we will be right behind you....

    Joe and Sherri

  4. I noticed the phrase "no word of a lie" was use with the comments about not drinking much wine! Personally I love wine. :~)
    Take care and have fun with Rollie and Gina